Explore Discover Act

Cameron Brown - Founder and Lead Facilitator , 17 Jun 2013

Martin and the team at Amplify Business have really helped me to do as their name says and 'amplify' the growth of my business. 

Martin has helped me to develop the business systems and marketing for Explore Discover Act from its inception. He has helped me to package my programs in a way that they can be promoted and sold to the marketplace. Martin patiently worked with me to understand the true spirit of Explore Discover Act and what I wanted it to represent to the students I work with, and the wider school community of teachers and parents.

Explore Discover Act was established to provide participants with experiences that form part of our core principles of: 

  • Promoting the  exploration of the possibilities, 
  • Discovering their potential and 
  • Acting authentically

If you are looking to explore the possibilities and discover the potential of your business, then you need go no further than to speak with Martin and Leo at Amplify.