Our Ethos

Amplify Business values the role of the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) to each local community. We believe SME’s are the backbone to community prosperity, creativity, innovation, collaboration, diversity and employment. As experienced business owners, we are sensitive and understanding of the goal of the SME owner to achieve success. That is why we always put our client’s needs first.

“I am ever inspired by the role that entrepreneurs play – building businesses in their communities, providing the confidence to employ local people by creating products & services for their local economy & beyond.”

Martin Lo Surdo, Director & Co-founder.

“Selling a Business is both a science and an art. An understanding of the business and the market is critical, confidentiality is a must and timing is of the essence.”

Leo Tortorici, Director & Co-founder.

Our Purpose

Amplify exists to:

  • Help SME owners sell their business successfully.
  • Help SME owners acquire businesses successfully.
  • Help SME owners to create and implement their business growth strategy.
  • Become part of the SME owners business strategy team
  • Support our community by driving professional behaviour in the SME community
  • Maximise the value of a commercial asset.

Our Vision

To become a trusted and leading business professional services brand that provides business owner’s access to the worlds best business selling, buying and growth systems.

Our Values

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Innovation
  • Enjoyment
  • Community