Franchise Recruitment Services

Is your Franchisee Recruitment Advertising hitting the mark? Are you receiving the enquiries you need, or more importantly would you like to be attracting the best Franchisee candidates to help grow your brand successfully?

Amplify builds franchised and licenced networks. We find suitable franchisees and Licensees to grow your brand using Amplify’s proven system, the Franchise Recruitment with PURPOSEprogram. Recruiting the right franchisees is crucial to the success of any franchise system.

Franchisee Recruitment is a specialist activity that is most often listed as the most difficult task in Franchising. The process is made challenging because of the number of elements that need to be managed well to effect a great result. Everything from marketing the opportunity, managing the lead process, the candidates, the flow of information, the regulatory environment, the litigation risks, the increasing cost of finding franchisees, the economic environment and the competition between systems all vying for quality candidates. Managing these elements can be a challenge for any franchise system.

Amplify specialise in Franchisee Recruitment for business format franchises. Amplify consultants have many years of ‘hands on’ Franchise Recruitment experience. Our broad experience in business and franchising allow us to empathise with franchisee candidates and connect with them discussing their goals and ambitions in their Franchise.

Amplify works with you (Franchisor) and your team to build your brand. If you would like to find out how Amplify can help you build your brand via a franchised network using Amplify’s proven Franchise Recruitment with PURPOSEprogram, call 1300 AMP BUS (1300 267 287) or email us on

Franchise Recruitment Consultancy

Are you ready to adopt best practice in Franchise Recruitment for your team?

We can help your Franchise Recruitment team by training and sharing our best practice principles that attracts the best quality candidates whilst remaining within your statutory requirements under the Franchising Code.

The Amplify Franchise Recruitment Team has developed the unique and proprietary Franchise Recruitment with PURPOSE™ program for the development and implementation of your recruitment system. This system has been developed over many years and provides the fundamental building blocks for the growth of any reputable franchise business. Amplify’s Franchise Recruitment with PURPOSE™ includes the following:

  • Preparation & Process– Amplify assist with the development of franchise documentation including Franchise Agreement, Disclosure Document and other important documentation. Amplify develop the Franchisor Recruitment Processes and procedures.
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)– Amplify refine and develop the brand positioning for the franchise in the eyes of the end customer and also in terms of the franchise recruitment candidate.
  • Recruitment Strategy– Amplify assist in the choice of Franchise Recruitment personnel, develop a marketing plan to generate quality franchisee prospects, develop the selection criteria for franchisees and also develop a system that builds confidence in all stakeholders throughout the recruitment process. Amplify will assist you with developing and implementing a successful franchisee profiling strategy.
  • Presentation– The team at Amplify work with you to structure the simultaneous gathering of information on franchise prospects and also dissemination of information about the franchise opportunity. A critical element of the Franchise Presentation involves the use of technology and human interactions to ensure best practice.
  • Offering– Effectively develop, package and communicate of the range of support and other services provided by the franchisor to their franchisees. From Learning and Development, through supplier arrangements and other services. This element of the process involves crystallising the franchise offering so that it may be promoted and implemented by all parties.
  • Sites & Scale– Includes development of a site selection criterion, and the preparation of a Territory Development Plan with goals and budgets and timeframes. 
  • Execution and Evaluation – Amplify work collaboratively to execute the strategy and develop a program for continual review and improvement. The execution phase involves the recruitment of franchisees and their referral to the franchisor for approval.

Franchise Brokerage Services

Need to ensure you maintain control over all your franchise resales?

Our Franchise Sales and Business Brokerage services involve us working with you on the execution of your franchise recruitment (selection) strategy for both new ‘greenfield’ territory franchises and also with the ‘resale’ of existing franchises.

At Amplify we are not ordinary franchise recruiters or business brokers. We have worked in franchising with some leading Australian franchising brands. We work with Franchisors nationally by providing a vital link between their strategy and its implementation.

As franchise systems grow and change, the profile of their ideal franchisee also changes. The criteria that they need to meet changes and some of the current franchisees start to show themselves as less than ideal franchisee to represent the brand in their local area.

Amplify work with franchisors to understand their desires for change and then develop and implement a plan nationally to rejuvenate the network through selling existing outlets or territories (both company owned and franchised). We help current franchise operators exit successfully whilst introduce a new breed of franchisee with the skills and motivations to drive real growth.

Our Business and Franchise Sales services include:

  • The complete outsourcing of the franchise recruitment and business sales process
  • The provision of business appraisals for franchisees and company owned outlets
  • The preparation of an Information Memorandum (or Prospectus) for a Business For Sale
  • The development of an advertising plan for promoting the franchises for sale
  • The representation and selling of franchises
  • Accurate documentation management
  • CRM and database management and reporting
  • Understanding and complying with the Franchising Code of Conduct

Want to know more?

To find out more about Amplify’s franchising services, complete the below form or contact the Amplify team on 1300 267 287.

Is your Franchisee Recruitment Advertising hitting the mark? Are you receiving the enquiries you need, or more importantly would you like to be attracting the best Franchisee candidates to help grow your brand successfully?

Without doubt, there are challenges to delivering the very best calibre candidates, however, the team at Amplify have always operated in the most professional manner that instils confidence when presenting the franchise opportunity to the highest calibre candidates.

Engaging Amplify to represent your franchise brand ensures you have a flexible, professionally trained, resourceful Franchise Selection Team with experience. Amplify have a committed approach to growing franchised networks and proven track record to deliver results.

Amplify Franchising can provide marketing services, to help you develop your Franchisee advertising budget, choose the media, understand the costs, and develop your creative strategy. Amplify Franchising can develop all your Franchise system needs to attract the calibre and quantity of franchisees that you require to drive the successful growth of your network. 

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