Buyer’s Agent Service

Are you looking to purchase a business within New South Wales (Australia)?

Would you benefit from an advisor to assist with selecting the appropriate business?

Do you require due diligence assistance?

Do you want to ensure you’re paying the right price for a business purchase?

The experienced team at Amplify Business provide a Business Buyer’s Agent Service for those looking to acquire a business within the Sydney, Wollongong, Nowra and Southern Highlands areas of New South Wales. Amplify Business specialise in business purchases of Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) usually from $250,000 up to $10M in Enterprise Value. These typically include Franchisee & Licenced businesses, Franchisors and Independent Businesses.

The reasons to consult Amplify for your next business acquisition

  • We specialise in dealing with businesses in the mid to higher end of the market.
  • We are well connected with the marketplace and understand the drivers of Business Enterprise Value.
  • We can maintain your Confidentiality when approaching businesses you wish to consider acquiring on your behalf.
  • We know and are experienced in business, franchising and licensing.
  • We are better value because we can manage the whole process for you.
  • We have a database of sellers and business contacts.
  • We work closely with franchisors and licensors.
  • We are well connected to and engage with a network of commercially minded lawyers, accountants, bankers & other professionals when required.
  • We can assist with finance and insurances.
  • We have been involved in the business sales and acquisitions process since 1999.
  • We work hard to get a result for you and ensure you buy at the right price.
  • We provide written Due Diligence Reports of the businesses considered for Acquisition.
  • We give you access to many business acquisitions that are “off-market” purchases.
  • We have developed our own proprietary process for assisting you to buy the right business: Amplify Business ACQUIRE Process™ - Business Buyer’s Agent Services to ensure you buy well.

The Amplify Business ACQUIRE Process™

The Amplify Business ACQUIRE Process™ has been honed and perfected over the years to provide you with opportunities to grow your business investments through acquiring the right business. The process consists of a number of consecutive stages involving investigation, consultation, the provision of information, discussion and decision making.

Stage 1


As a prospective purchaser of a business, Amplify will engage directly with you and represent you in this commercial acquisition process via an Agency Agreement.


During a series of communications, Amplify will develop an understanding of the desired criteria for your Business Acquisition. These parameters provide a framework to help us to understand your needs, desires, budgets, goals (both short and long term) and other variables so that we may be positioned to provide you with an optimal result.


Amplify will research the marketplace to understand the business opportunities available in a broader view, before honing in on a number of key target businesses.


Amplify will proactively contact each of the businesses that have been highlighted as possible acquisition targets in the ‘Query the Marketplace’ stage.

Amplify will approach these businesses confidentially if this is your desire.

Amplify will undertake an initial assessment as to the vendors interest to sell, their expectations and gather further information regarding the business suitability.

Stage 2


Amplify will liaise with you to determine the targeted business with which to initiate a detailed investigation and due diligence.

Amplify manage the process with all parties and engage other professionals as required.

During this stage, buyers and their advisers are looking to ensure that the business is as described, provides satisfactory evidence of the business activities and their match to the criteria established.


Amplify will provide a detailed Report including Due Diligence Findings, Negotiation Strategy and Appraisal for the purchase of the targeted business.

Stage 3


Amplify will Negotiate the terms of any purchase through the provision of a Letter of Offer.

A Heads of Agreement is completed by vendor and purchaser.

Amplify will liaise with your lawyer for the finalisation of a Contract of Sale to purchase the business.

The business will then exchange and an appropriate settlement date will be set. Depending on the circumstances of the purchase, Amplify may assist with settlement and stock-take.


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