Business Turnaround

Is your business in need of a new strategy?

Are your competitors getting the best of you and you need to turn your business around?

Are you running a moderately successful business that you wish to take to the next level?

Is your business not living up to the expectations you have set for it?

Are you operating a franchise system that may have stalled?

Amplify has developed the Amplify Business COGS Business Re-engineering™ system. This transformative multi-disciplinary, systems-based approach breaks down the complex, into a number of simpler operational and growth activities that can be implemented. This program is designed for businesses that may have stagnated or want to implement business wide change and improvement.

If you’ve got a great business concept but are just having trouble getting traction in the marketplace, then Amplify’s Business Strategy's Re-engineering and Business Improvement Services may be just what your business needs. We can come in with a fresh set of eyes, spend time getting to know your business and then provide assistance designed to get your business moving and amplify your profits. 

Once we have identified some of the road blocks being experienced by your business, we assist you develop and implement a strategy to fix them, overcome them or nullify them, so that your business may grow and prosper.


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