Amplify business provide a range of Strategy & Consulting services designed to create value in your business, allow for good strategic decision making and also reignite (or re-amplify) your business or franchise.

Preparing your Business for a Successful Sale

The “Preparing your Business for A Successful Sale” program has been developed by Amplify to assist business and franchise owners and franchisors to get their businesses sale ready.

The fact is that many businesses placed on the market don’t ever sell. The reasons for this are varied, but most business owners could add significant value to their business and make their business ‘sale ready’ by sitting with an Amplify Consultant and undertaking this program. This program is available to all business owners and evaluates the current state of your business and the important elements that need to be in place for your business to sell at maximum value when it is placed in the market. Amplify will also implement the program on your behalf, allowing you to keep the focus on your business and your core competencies.

Strategy, Consultancy & Advisory

The Amplify team provide specific consultancy services designed to assist business owners to invest, grow, and make the right strategic decisions. Our services include:

Strategic Decision Making – The iSOCCER Decision Making Model

  • The iSOCCER Decision Making Modelwas developed as a strategic decision making tool. We ‘kick a goal’ with our iSOCCERDecision Making Model by facilitating the understanding of your business’ current ‘State of Play’, evaluate alternative growth strategies and finally recommend the most viable growth pathway based on a set of predetermined criteria.

COGS Business Re-engineering

  • Amplify has developed the COGS Business Re-engineering™ system. This transformative multi-disciplinary, systems based approach, breaks down the complex, into a number of simpler operational and growth activities that can be implemented. This program is designed for businesses that may have stagnated or want to implement business wide change and improvement.