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Selling a Business is both a science and an art. An understanding of the business and the market is critical, confidentiality is a must and timing is of the essence.

- Leo Tortorici

I am ever inspired by the role that entrepreneurs play – building businesses in their communities, providing the confidence to employ local people by creating products & services for their local economy & beyond

- Martin Lo Surdo

Amplify Business Sales

Buying or selling a business? – We make it easy.

The team at Amplify Business Sales have been involved in marketing and promoting businesses for sale since 1999. We have been involved in helping over 100 SME’s (small to medium sized businesses) to maximise their value and exit smoothly. We manage the whole business sale and have developed our own process for selling your business – the AMPLIFY Business Sale Process™. Amplify Business Sales was established in 2013 to provide business owners in Wollongong, the Illawarra, The Southern Highlands, New South Wales South Coast and Sydney with an unparalleled business sales/brokerage service. If you are looking to sell or looking for a business for sale call today and speak to one of our experienced business brokers.

Franchising Services

If you’ve been franchising for some time but feel that your growth has stalled, then Amplify Franchising may be able to work with you to understand the roadblocks, work through the issues and re-ignite (we prefer to say “Re-Amplify”) your franchise system.

If you own and operate a successful business and want to expand your business to amplify its coverage, impact, customer base and profit, then Franchising your concept and becoming a Franchisor may be an effective business growth option. Amplify Franchising will work with you to undertake an Industry Analysis and Market Positioning Study to understand your business and work with you to evaluate a number of Distribution Channels (including Franchising) for the growth of your business. Part of this may include a Franchising Feasibility Analysis and Forecast for Franchising your concept.

Amplify Franchising can also provide Franchise Recruitment and Selection Services. Amplify Business provide the full range of Franchisee Selection Services. As a Franchisor you have all the choices – have Amplify Business provide you the training you need to conduct your Franchisee Recruitment in-house, or alternatively leave the Franchisee Selection to Amplify Business.

Is your Franchisee Recruitment Advertising hitting the mark? Are you receiving the enquiries you need, or more importantly would you like to increase the quality and quantity of Franchisees you are attracting? Amplify Franchising can provide marketing services, to help you develop your Franchisee advertising budget, choose the media, understand the costs, and develop your creative strategy. Amplify Franchising can develop all your Franchise system needs to attract the calibre and quantity of franchisees that you require to drive the successful growth of your network.

Amplify Franchising can provide all this by using our extensive experience and that of our strategic partners.

Strategy & Consulting

Amplify Business Strategy work with businesses of all sizes to develop and implement their business strategy.

If you own and operate a business and want to amplify its coverage, impact, customer base and profit, then speak to an Amplify Business Strategy Consultant about how we can help.

‘If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail’. It’s the oldest saying around and for good reason. Most business owners have a plan. Some of these are just in their heads and others are detailed plans that can be well actioned and implemented. If you require assistance with your business planning process, call Amplify Business Strategy.

If you’ve got a great business concept but are just having trouble getting traction in the marketplace, then Amplify’s Business Strategy's Re-engineering and Business Improvement Services may be just what your business needs. We can come in with a fresh set of eye’s, spend time getting to know your business and then provide assistance designed to get your business moving and amplify your profits.

Some businesses want to do it all themselves but just need that mentoring or coaching to get them on track, so they know what they should be focussing on and have someone there to motivate them, lead them, coach them and mentor them and their staff. Amplify provide these coaching and mentoring services to Sydney and Wollongong based businesses.

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